The Dog Eats The Leftovers

The Dog Eats The Leftovers

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This Blog is meant to be a light-hearted look at how a parent as to navigate his or her way through life whilst bringing up two teenagers on a very limited income. We want to share what we have learnt and hopefully help anyone else out there struggling to make things work in a seemingly chaotic world. I don't always get it right and I am certainly not perfect.....

Memory walk For Alzeihmer's

FamiliesPosted by Rebecca Guillain Sun, September 13, 2015 19:11:41
Adam and I did the Memory Walk for Alzeihmer's today. We went there, did it and got the T-Shirts. I was walked out by the end of it but it was a very positive experience. I'm not sure if they will ever find a "cure". It's such a complex condition. How much of any disease is caused by diet, lifestyle, stress, relationships.........we are such complicated creatures. Perhaps if we all learnt to enjoy the present a bit more and count every minute as a blessing we might all be healthier.

After wards we went to see mum and dad. Its a rare occasion for them to have both their children there at the same time.

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